RSE is continually developing new and expanding existing services to meet the needs and requests of our current and future clients. Producers, retailers, service providers, and other key stakeholders are all facing changes on an ongoing basis. How to pull together all the significant change factors into creative, pragmatic strategies, solutions, or reports, requires talented and experienced individuals backed up with the knowledge of a firm that has been in this sector over two decades and intimately involved with many of the changes across many jurisdictions.

Below are brief descriptions and outlines of the services we are currently providing to customers which extend across the Sustainability, Circular Economy and Stewardship spectrum:

Strategy & Policy

RSE provides support to a wide range of stakeholders, business, governments, associations, NGOs, to navigate changes to environmental policy, regulations, competitive and customer pressures, and risks. Specific projects we work on include:

  • Sustainability & Circular Strategy
  • Regulatory Reviews & Advice
  • Materiality & Risk Assessment
  • Resource & Waste Management Strategy
  • Carbon Reduction Strategy
  • Market & Feasibility Studies
  • ESG Diligence
  • Life Cycle Assessments

Operations & Program Optimization

RSE provides support to facility and program operators and owners in the waste management industry and product manufacturing. Our focus is not only on reducing costs and improving outcomes of the individual operations, but also the overall program. This ranges from detailed equipment efficiency assessments to system output assessments including GHG emissions. Specific project areas include:

  • Material Recovery Facility optimization service
  • Sustainable ROI Assessments
  • Production, process improvement and innovation through resource efficiencies (materials, waste, water, energy/GHG)
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain reviews and management
  • GHG offset planning for assets: e.g. Waste Management


Reporting & Compliance

RSE provides our clients with a range of reporting services. The stewardship, GHG and Eco-Labelling reporting are the core services that we have built on to provide a comprehensive reporting solution for our clients.  The range of reporting services we are now providing includes:

  • EPR Compliance Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • GHG Reporting
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Socioeconomic & Environmental Impact Assessments

Waste Audits & Assessments

Reclay StewardEdge will go beyond just a waste audit, and provide your business with value added products including pre-audit, on-site, and post-audit activities. RSE’s methodology follows requirements from leading sustainable building certifications, guaranteeing that your assessment and reporting will meet the standards of certifications such as LEED Canada and BOMA Best: RSE’s services include:

  • Pre-audit assessments and audit plan
  • Full service collecting and sorting, including qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Comprehensive waste audit report including a Waste Reduction Work Plan
  • Expert recommendations and cost-saving diversion strategies

Stewardship Services

We support industry stewards and associations.  Whether it is designing a new program for a company or a group of companies, assessing trends and performance, or managing a program, it is all about having the most efficient and cost effective programs possible. Example project areas we work on for our clients includes:

  • Program Design & Implementation
  • Program Management
  • Data Analytics
  • End of Life Program Optimization