October 17th is the first day of Waste Reduction Week (WRW) in Canada. Reducing the waste we produce every day is becoming a focus for many concerned environmental groups, companies and citizens. In 2011 Environment Canada indicated that Canadians produced about 30 million tonnes of solid waste from our homes annually and only recycle about 30% of that material. The waste collected from Canadian households equates to approximately 1.8 kg per day per person and our municipal systems cannot keep up with the garbage as many of our landfill sites are reaching capacity – let alone the impacts on our climate. We have created a crisis!

According to an article by CBC News in 2015 Canadians produce more garbage than anyone else. One of the biggest issues is our love affair with convenience. From coffee pods and other individual portion items that we buy in the store, to the drive through where we pick up our daily coffee in cups along with other packaging that is not recycled in the general waste stream.

We all need to consider how we can reduce the waste we are contributing to our already overtaxed systems. If you go to the WRW website you can find events happening across Canada and ways to get involved. OR just think of a few things that you can cut back on to reduce waste around your home or at work.

So come on fellow Canadians, let’s solve this crisis together!