As the snow melts, it is a sure sign of two things for Stewards; spring is on the way and the Printed Paper and Packaging Steward Reporting deadline is looming. Each year the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) hosts a ‘Ready to Report’ Webinar to inform Stewards of new tools and tips, changes to the guidebook, and most importantly program and policy changes.

Historically, some of these changes have been ‘surprises’ that have dramatically impacted Stewards’ rights.  Most notably were the changes announced last year related to the newly public adjustment policy, which was applied retroactively and effectively limited how a Steward can resubmit previous year’s reports. This limitation undoubtedly resulted in some Stewards overpaying. While a number of Stewards continue to dispute the legality of retroactive actions by CSSA, it is important to remember that these changes came out under program updates and administrative changes and were not well communicated outside of the webinar.

These important, and for some Stewards impactful, program updates/policy changes further underline the importance of participating in these webinars – if only to be aware and allow your company to plan accordingly.

This year the webinar is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 1st. We recommend Stewards participate as every year seems to include some surprising program updates that, generally speaking, are not ones that benefit Stewards.  RSE will be participating on behalf of our clients.