Retailers are uniquely positioned to influence consumer mindsets in terms of what they buy, how they use it and ultimately, how they dispose of it when it’s no longer needed.

Retailers are the front line of consumer interaction with products and packaging. They have an opportunity to directly impact decisions that will be made in the home and also provide feedback to producers in regard to consumer preferences driving change up and down the supply chain. They also have the commercial clout to force change on their suppliers, if required. This influence can help to optimize the design and use of products to lessen environmental impact.  In emerging and middle income economies, the retailer is often the first industry sector to respond to rising consumer demands for the opportunity to recycle their used packaging and products.   Even in developed markets with well-established household recycling systems in place, retailers may offer a take-back service for used products not suitable for multi-material collection programs.


Collaboration and innovative partnerships between CPG companies and retailers are therefore key to maximizing the opportunities inherent in the retailer/consumer dynamic to reduce environmental impact. Retailers are the essential interface between the consumer and the ever-lengthening supply chain that designs, manufactures and delivers the products and packaging that consumers demand.

We help companies achieve their sustainability objectives by leveraging our extensive experience in planning and implementing end-of-life management systems for used products and packaging, and our proven success in consumer engagement and education programming. Our team helps to build effective relationships among key stakeholders across the product stewardship continuum to improve the recovery of products and packaging.