October typically signifies the changing of seasons, Thanksgiving in Canada, as well as the Éco Éntreprises Québec (EEQ) Stewardship Reporting deadline; this year the deadline falls on October 10th.

For Stewards who are also obligated to report in Quebec, some nuances are worth noting before you submit:

  1. New Schedule of Contributions (Fees)
  2. Understand your variance
  3. Payment Schedule

New Schedule of Contributions (Fees)

Contrary to the Stewardship programs included under the Canadian Stewardship Service Alliance (CSSA) umbrella, EEQ publishes the 2017 Schedule of Contributions (fees) prior to Stewards submitting their 2017 Quebec Steward Report. As a result, Stewards are actually able to calculate the cost of the obligation to ensure these (growing) figures can be properly budgeted for in the coming fiscal year. In light of the payment structure, it is advisable that Stewards consult these fees and their calculated kilograms prior to submitting the Quebec Steward Report.


Variance refers to the year-over-year differences in kilograms reported by material type. If this difference exceeds 20%, this is typically flagged for the agency to complete some additional investigation. While the cause of a fluctuation is most often explainable, such as acquisitions/mergers, or sales increase/decrease etc., understanding these changes are essential to accurately completing, and in some instances, defending your Steward Report.

Payment Schedule

Similar to last year, EEQ has recognized that there is swift payment schedule for the 2017 Report, with 80% of the contributions payable due just one month after filing, and the remainder in January 2018.