Producers of an increasingly wide range of consumer products are now obligated in more than 50 countries to take more responsibility for the end-of-life management of the products that they supply into the market.

In some countries where waste management remains a state, provincial, lander or canton responsibility a producer’s obligation may vary at the sub-national level. As a result, multinational companies are now required to participate in hundreds of individually-regulated producer responsibility programs around the globe, each with differing rules and responsibilities.


The improved data tracking and reporting systems that are being developed to help companies meet their burgeoning waste recovery and recycling obligations are also enabling companies to more accurately measure their progress against key sustainability indicators and targets as well. Establishing effective systems to track product stewardship data arms companies with a greater awareness of and accountability for decisions taken along the entire supply chain which is vital now that annual sustainability reporting and retailer-driven environmental scorecards are increasingly becoming an essential part of doing business.

We help companies navigate this complex map of stewardship programs by helping them understand their stewardship requirements in jurisdictions around the world and by helping them design and implement internal data tracking and management systems to facilitate reporting. We capitalize on our depth of experience and knowledge of stewardship rules and requirements to ensure companies meet their legal obligations and reach their internal targets in the most cost effective manner possible. Through this process, we give companies the peace of mind of knowing they are in full compliance with requirements and frequently discover opportunities for cost reduction and streamlined internal administration costs producing bottom line benefits.