What we know so far and why you should participate in the Upcoming Events

Last week, Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) held the first of three consultations regarding changes occurring in the Canadian packaging and paper product (PPP) Stewardship world.

The first session hosted on October 17 included updates around Program Rules, Membership Agreements, as well as the announcement of a number of new and significant policies across all provinces where CSSA is the contracted program administrator, including;

  • The new Parallel Importation Policy – impacts first importers – even if the brand owner is on the steward list. Likely to cause some confusion within some retailer and distributors.
  • The new Reporting and Deduction Policydeductions are now limited to restaurant/quick service. This will have significant impact on some stewards and is a departure from the practices allowed since program start-up.
  • The new Harmonized Administrative Fees, Interest, and Penalties Policybrand new fees, interests, and penalties. This will again impact stewards who already pay administration fees within program material fees.

There are two other important events worthwhile participating in:

  • The Amended Blue Box Program Plan (BBPP): Discussion with Ontario Stewards (October 25). The Amended BBPP will result in significant change for Stewards in Ontario. As you may know, Ontario has passed new legislation, which will effectively change the level of producer responsibility from a shared 50% to 100% producer responsibility, once fully implemented. This session on October 25th will give stewards the first glimpse into how this process will impact them.
  • The Annual Steward Meeting (October 31) which will have news from all programs, including the release of 2018 Fees which will be used to calculate the invoices based on the tonnage reported back on May 31st. Stewards who generate plastics in Ontario were already going to see tremendous changes as a result of the new fee setting methodology.

Because of the number of new and significant changes, we strongly recommend that stewards participate in these consultations to ensure Stewards have information on all of the emerging changes in the industry. It is important to voice both credit and concern related to changes and information dissemination; Stewards can submit their feedback related to consultations to stewardfeedback@cssalliance.ca by November 10.  The question remains whether any changes to what is being presented is in fact “up for discussion” or a “forgone conclusion?”

If you missed the consultation October 17, the slides accessible here.