The Reclay StewardEdge team is considered an international expert in recycling and product stewardship in the environmental consulting industry. With a mix of seasoned professionals, we offer a wealth of fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to our clients in a wide variety of industries. Many of our core team members have more than two decades of direct experience across the product stewardship continuum. Reclay StewardEdge is committed to investing in our people by providing a range of opportunities to support them in reaching both their personal and professional goals. As a result, our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals with the ability to see beyond the current horizon, assisting clients to reach long-term sustainable solutions for their business goals. With this truly extraordinary talent on board, the Reclay StewardEdge team offer technical and strategic direction and value to our clients across North America and internationally.


Ken Friesen 

As President of Reclay StewardEdge Inc., Ken has been directly involved in waste reduction and recycling since 1990 and he has led the initiation, design, and implementation of multi-stakeholder stewardship programs, as well as provided strategic governance and project management services to many organizations.

Ken specializes in recycling and product stewardship strategy development, policy analysis and risk assessment, post-consumer recovery program development and implementation, cost-modeling and financial analysis, stakeholder engagement and producer responsibility compliance services.

    • Founding Director, Municipal Green Funds, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (2000-2002).
    • Director, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (1999-2002), member of Environment Committee and International Programs Committee.
    • Founding Chairman, Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Associations (1999-2001).
    • Founding Board member, Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (1992-1998).
    • President, Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers (1993-1997)

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Herve Atta

Herve is the Financial Controller and he brings over 10 years of Accounting experience from various industries across Canada and the USA.  Herve provides financial support and services for both the Canadian and USA operations. He specializes in Full Cycle Accounting, including cash flow management, forecasting and budgeting, while having a strong ability to quickly identify and implement process improvements and support and lead change initiatives.


Jaspreet Sidhu

Jaspreet is a Senior Consultant in our Toronto office and has more than 8 years of experience working on numerous strategy implementation, performance improvement, data analytics, project management and policy development projects for multi-lateral development banks, public and private sector organisations. He specializes in delivering complex technical and management projects in the field of public policy, program impact assessment and due diligence, sustainability strategy, product stewardship and recovery programs, producer responsibility services, climate change and green growth, carbon market mechanisms, lifecycle assessment and greenhouse gas inventory. His work has helped clients maximize sustainable impact, develop responsible brand strategy, minimize GHG emissions and deliver cost savings. He has completed his Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and MBA from Indian Institute of Management (IIM).

_MG_8535_PaulPaul Flegg

Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the information system management business. As the manager of our Stewardship Reporting Services he is responsible for all aspects of the stewards, compliance, data review, and financial key performance indicators. Paul has designed and implemented producer data reporting and compliance systems for various waste streams including mixed material, waste electronics and electrical equipment, in four different provinces, household hazardous waste and beverage containers. In conjunction with some of these programs, he has designed waste tracking systems for compliance schemes.


_MG_8438_KarenKaren Schwarz

Karen is a Consultant within the Toronto office. Karen works extensively within the Stewardship Reporting team. Her 25 years of experience in the waste management industry includes working for government, non-profit and the consulting sector. She has a broad understanding of waste management principles, regulations and operations. Karen also has extensive experience in supervisory management and business administrative practices.


ChristaRust-thChrista Rust

Christa is the Program Manager for CBCRA Recycle Everywhere Program in Manitoba and she specializes in strategic planning and business case development, policy analysis and risk assessment, post-consumer recovery program development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, product stewardship program management.  Christa has worked on projects to assess the impact on local environments due to habitat and climate change, bringing together stakeholders with different interests and working towards showing the benefits for each group to ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome.

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AGurevich-thArielle Gurevich

Arielle is the Communications Manager within our Manitoba office and she is responsible for developing and leading the communications plan for the province’s CBCRA Recycle Everywhere Program.  With over ten years of experience in marketing and communications, Arielle specializes in public and media relations, social media planning and implementation, website development and management and developing editorial content for corporate publications. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business with a double majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

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Riley Martin

Riley is an Associate with Reclay StewardEdge and the Communications Coordinator for CBCRA Recycle Everywhere program in Manitoba. He is responsible for creating content for Recycle Everywhere’s social media accounts and engaging with its thousands of followers, as well as assisting the Communications Manager with the development of CBCRA’s communications plan. He brings years of media experience to the team, which he uses to create exciting and innovative content for many different mediums. Riley is a graduate from Red River College’s Creative Communications program with a focus in media production.

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Melissa Dorota

Melissa is a Senior Outreach Coordinator for the CBCRA Recycle Everywhere Program in Manitoba.  She specializes in product stewardship and recovery programs, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis and risk assessment, recovery system analysis and evaluation of facilities, waste audit project planning and aboriginal policy and traditional knowledge.  Melissa has a number of years of professional experience, and a vast understanding of the environmental sector and has consulted at both the private and public level. She has completed both a BA in Environmental Studies and a B.A. in Political Science at the University of Winnipeg.

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Jaclyn DiduckJaclyn Diduck

Jaclyn is the Senior Logistics and Schools Coordinator for the CBCRA Recycle Everywhere Program in Manitoba. Jaclyn specializes in event management, stakeholder engagement, design and implementation of research projects, workshops and qualitative research design and analysis in addition to school programs.  With interests in learning and environmental education, Jaclyn’s background allows her to bring a focus on sustainability issues and natural resources management to the team. She graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg and a Master of Natural Resources Management from the University of Manitoba.

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Justine Spearman

Justine is the Data & Outreach Coordinator for the CBCRA Recycle Everywhere Program in Manitoba. She specializes in stakeholder engagement, research project implementation, and program development. Justine plays a role in the environmental community by sitting as an active member of the Manitoba Eco-Network Board of Directors and is the co-chair of the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Executive Student Chapter and has extensive experience organizing and promoting networking and environmental events. Justine graduated from the University of Manitoba with an honour’s degree in Environmental Sciences focusing on Corporate Sustainable Development


Georgia Exell

Georgia is the Street Team Lead for CBCRA and its Recycle Everywhere in Manitoba. Georgia has a background working in environmental consulting and education, and brings her passion for sustainability to the role. She coordinates and manages the Recycle Everywhere Street Team, which travels to hundreds of events every year promoting and facilitating recycling. Georgia’s key strengths include client communication, event coordination, management and organization of staff and event logistics.


Juliet Rainy-Brown

Juliet is an Accounting Clerk for the RSE Toronto office.  She originates from Scotland, UK and brings several years’ experience as a Bookkeeper and Executive Assistant from various industries including pharmaceutical, consulting, non-profit and 10 yrs in local government, Scotland.  She attended Inverness University of the Highlands and Islands and studied Office Administration and Management.